What Next for Glasgow City Centre


From 7.00pm

What Next for Glasgow City Centre - Glasgow City Heritage Trust

Merchants House

7 West George St

Glasgow City Heritage Trust

Join GCHT for an in-person panel discussion that asks the question, “What Next for Glasgow’s City Centre?”
The panelists will look at the challenges currently affecting the city centre such as the legacy of the Covid 19 pandemic, the high number of vacant buildings and the decline in shopfront retail, as well as how solutions to these challenges can help tackle the climate crisis.
After hearing from our expert panelists, we’ll open it up to you for questions and discussion about how we can shape a city centre that maintains its historic character and is accessible, safe and functional for Glasgow’s people and visitors.
The event will be chaired by Bailie Christy Mearns, Depute Lord Provost
The panellists will be:
Paola Pasino, Glasgow City Council
Thierry Lye, Chair of the New Glasgow Society
Euan Leitch, Chief Executive of SURF - Scotland's Regeneration Forum

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