As a Community Council, we seek to create acommunity in our area which is part of the historic heart of Glasgow as well as being an important social space for shopping, eating out and entertainment. We need to establish a permanent residential community in order for our area to flourish. Students comprise a transient population who will move on after three or four years of study. It is generally recognised by the City Development Plan that the City Centre is already at saturation point with the construction of student accommodation buildings. 

The Draft Supplementary Guidance to the already adopted City Development Plan states that development must “not result in an unacceptable concentration of student accommodation in the locality that would be harmful to the maintenance of a balanced community” and makes clear that purpose-built student accommodation will not be suitable in areas where the population is low density, a fact also accepted by the Council’s City Centre Living Strategy. This strategy seeks to promote the development of a mixed, balanced residential population in the City Centre. 

Read the full SG10 – Meeting Housing Needs.