Glasgow City Council’s policy on short term lets is contained in Glasgow City Council’s Supplementary Guidance “SG10 – Meeting Housing Needs”, Section 4B, paragraphs 4.12 to 4.16. 

If you rent out your entire apartment on a frequent short-term basis, Glasgow City Council planning regulations do not permit this activity in buildings where there is a common entrance and common facilities.

Owners who frequently rent out their entire apartment via short-term letting services are likely to be in contravention of those planning regulations, as this represents a material change of use.  Offending owners may be fined by the Council, and be served with notice to cease the activity. In addition, owners may be contravening the deed of conditions attached to their apartment, which only permit the property to be occupied by one family.

If you rent out a room in your flat on a short-term basis, and live in the property, there is not likely to be a material change of use. Equally, traditional secured tenancies are not affected.

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