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We are delighted to be meeting in person again, back in the City Chambers, but we’re also offering the option to attend virtually via Zoom  to ensure our meetings are as accessible as possible. The meeting agenda includes more information and registration details.

Our meetings are open to all residents of Merchant City & Trongate, and you’ll be made more than welcome. Contact us for more details.

Next Meeting Agenda

  • Community Council Meeting – May

    Everyone who lives in the Merchant City and Trongate Area is warmly invited to join us for our May meeting, either in person in the City Chambers, or online via Zoom.  


    1. Welcome by Chair
    2. Apologies
    3. Police Report
    4. Merchant City Festival Presentation – Lorenzo Mele
    5. Minutes of the last meeting, approval and action points. Please review the draft minutes before the meeting
    6. Matters arising not on the agenda
    7. Treasurer’s Report (Carla Arrighi)
    8. Planning, including Merchant City Park (Peter Hayman and Eileen Mills)
    9. Elected Members Reports
    10. Licensing Application (Tam Coyle)
    11. Local Issues (all)
    12. Social Media (Niall McColl)
    13. AOCB

    Attending the meeting

    If you are joining us via Zoom, please register in advance of the meeting. REGISTER HERE

    1. If you’re joining us in the City Chambers, please arrive in good time for the meeting, and follow any instructions relating to mask wearing displayed around the City Chamber.
    2. We record our meetings to allow the secretary to complete the minutes. The recording is deleted once the minutes are approved. By attending the meeting, you consent to being recorded. The recording is not used for any other purpose, and can only be accessed by the social media manager and the person writing the minutes.

Meeting Minutes Archive

These are draft and approved minutes from January 2020 onwards. Draft minutes are presented to the next month’s meeting for approval.