2021 Survey – Introduction

MCTCC conducted an online survey between April and June 2021. This was publicised through our social media channels, website, and through inclusion in our email signature and in correspondence with our mailing list. Disappointingly, only 46 people responded – less than 1% of the population of the area, and about 20% of our online following.

As a result of the disappointing response, the findings cannot be said to be representative of the whole of the Merchant City and Trongate areas, but do provide some interesting insights.

Main Findings

The main issues affecting the area are:

  • Drug dealing/misuse
  • the amount of drug-taking paraphernalia on the streets
  • visible drug dealing
  • increased visibility of addicts during lockdown
  • Lack of refuse and recycling facilities
  • Parking/traffic
  • Insufficient green space
  • Too many empty shop units
  • Begging
  • Pavement conditions and general mess

Addressing those would improve life in the area as would:

  • Better healthcare provision
  • More pedestrian friendly streets
  • Over half of those who responded said they’d like to see increased pedestrianisation as it would encourage visitors a person friendly area, however there are a number of issues and challenges that have to be considered, including:
  • Full consultation with impacted residents
  • reducing vehicle access will stop people visiting, which will impact on the area’s recovery,
  • large numbers of parking spaces have already been removed
  • Spaces for People programme has not been successful for residents

Other comments:

  • There is too much focus on development and construction of buildings that are not sympathetic to the local environment and that lack architectural aesthetic; profit seems to be the only motive, rather than strengthening the community or adding affordable housing
  • Glasgow City Council should focus on social inclusion, access for all to green spaces, and less on profit and inappropriate developments in the historic centre of the city
  • More engagement needed with the Trongate community
  • The condition of High Street/Saltmarket, their historical importance and its integration into the Merchant City are key challenges
  • Less than half the respondents have attended a community council meeting in the last six months. A substantial proportion of respondents have never attended a meeting, either because the day/time of meetings is unsuitable, or they found out about the meeting too late


As a result of this survey, the following actions will be taken:

  • The survey will be shared with our elected officials and Police, with the aim of feeding back the community’s concerns and opportunities for improvement
  • We will investigate how best to improve engagement with the community both in terms of raising awareness of the community council and encouraging them to take part in consultations, planning discussions, etc.

You can read or download the full survey below.