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Mens and Women’s 10K, Sunday 16 June

The Mens and Women’s 10K road race will take place on Sunday 16 June. The following roads will have a No waiting and no loading or unloading restrictions from 15:00hrs on 15 June 2024 to 16:00hrs on the 16 June 2024

The same roads will have a Prohibition of vehicle movements from 06:00hrs to 16:00hrs on 16 June 2024

  • Albion Street, between Trongate and Access to Multi-storey Car Park
  • Bridgegate,between Kings Street and Saltmarket
  • Candleriggs, for its entire length
  • Cochrane Street, for its entire length
  • Clyde Street, between Crown Street and Bridegate
  • George Square (South), for its entire length
  • Glassford Street, for its entire length
  • George Street, between North Frederick Street and John Street (restricted un/loading and waiting only)
  • High Street, between Bell Street and Gallowgate (Northbound only)
  • Ingram Street, between Queen Street and Albion Street
  • King Street, (Southbound) between Kings Street car park and Bridgegate
  • King Street, between Parnie Street and Trongate
  • Miller Street, full length (restricted access only)
  • Montrose Street, between George Street and Ingram Street
  • North Hanover Street, between Cathedral Street and George Square
  • Oswald Street, for its entire length
  • Queen Street, for its entire length
  • Saltmarket, between Trongate and Crown Street
  • South Frederick Street, for its entire length
  • Stockwell Street, between Howard Street and Trongate
  • Trongate, for its entire length
  • Wilson Street, between Hutcheson Street and Virginia Street

Suspension of Bus and Taxi only restrictions05:00hrs to 16:00hrs on 16 June 2024

  • LW0138 – Glassford Street, northbound between Argyle Street and Ingram Street
  • LW0317 – North Hanover Street, Northbound between George Square and Cathedral Street
  • LW0630 – Stockwell Street, southbound onto Gorbals Street (Victoria Bridge)
  • ———– – George Square (south) Westbound after South Frederick Street