Meeting Minutes, 30 November 2021

These minutes were approved at our meeting on 25 January 2022.

1.   Welcome

Niall McColl welcomed everyone to the meeting.

2.   Passing of MCTCC Treasurer Gerald Hirst

Gerald Hirst passed away early in November 2021. Tam and Niall paid tribute to Gerald’s extensive contributions to the community council and the wider community.

3.   Attendance and Apologies

3.1.  Community Councillors

Tam Coyle (V/C), David Cowan (Secretary), Peter Hayman, Eileen Mills, Gary Atkinson, Carla Arrighi and Scott Thornton.

3.2.  Residents


3.3.  Elected Representatives

Lord Provost Philip Braat (for part of meeting), Deputy Lord Provost Christy Mearns, Cllr Eva Bolander, Cllr Angus Millar

3.4.  Ex-officio

Constable Rob Wilson – Police Scotland, Donnie MacLeod – Glasgow City Council Education Department

4.   Minutes of Last Meeting (26 October 2021)

4.1.  Update on Action Points

ItemAction byUpdate
1Raise the matter of repeating eight week licensing applications with the Licensing Committee for redress and to consider if these are undermining authority and notify MCTCC of other streets with similar application typesDepute Lord Provost MearnsStill trying to get a response from Licensing to discuss this and other things
2Raise the issue of parking on pavements once more with the police and CouncilCllrs Bolander and MillarAM has raised issue for several streets in the MCTCC area. 
3Make enquiries about the Jocelyn Square development and give feedback to the next MCTCC meetingCllr MillarEB – there would be no update from planning to councillors if work is starting.
4Incorporate Eileen Mills’ corrections to the September minutes in the final minutes and on the websiteDavid Cowan, Niall McCollDone
5Discussion re Funding for GreeningCllr Bolander and Peter HaymanEB has been in touch with the project officer.PH has tried to promote MC green area – Deanside Well Gardens
6Arrange meeting re Friends of Ramshorn (after COP)Cllr Bolander and Duncan MacLarenTC will continue conversation with DM, EB and AM
7Check on regulations re lighting of tower cranesCllr BolanderTower crane on Candleriggs site now illuminated
8Raise cost of reinstating Crossrail at the High St Goods yard face to facePeter Hayman 
9Arrange for removal of “open daily” signage from Ramshorn GraveyardCllr Bolander 

4.2.  Corrections to minutes of last meeting

No changes were requested.

4.3.  Approval

Proposed by: Eileen Mills

Seconded by: Carla Arrighi

5.   Matters Arising

There were no matters arising from the last meeting.

6.   Police Report (Rob Wilson)

6.1.  Report

6.2.  Questions raised

    • so that officers can arrange for other resources to be made available.

7.   Elected Members Reports

7.1.  Deputy Lord Provost Christy Mearns

7.2.  Cllr Eva Bolander

7.3.  Cllr Angus Millar

7.4.  Lord Provost Philip Braat

7.5.  Questions

8.   Planning (Peter Hayman)

8.1.  New Applications

3 or 4 minor applications, nothing of note.

8.2.  Other Developments

St Enoch Masterplan progress can be seen at the St Enoch website (

TC – sketches on the site visit were misleading as the hotel drawing suggested 16 storeys but the current plan is for 25 storeys

9.   Licencing (Tam Coyle)

No licencing applications this month

10.        Social Media (Niall McColl)

10.1.      General awareness since November 2020

11.        Local Issues (all)

11.1.      Warner Bros filming

11.2.      Leaflet distribution

12.        AOCB

12.1.      Consultation on proposal for new School – Donnie MacLeod, Glasgow City Council

12.2.      Finance update

Expenditure since AGM = £217, £202 of which is printing, remainder being our Zoom subscription

12.3.      Statue of Mercury

12.4.      Ramshorn Signage

EM – can the sign stating its open daily should be removed.

13.        Date of next meeting

Tuesday 25th January 2022 at 7pm (TBC as this is Burns Night)

14.        2022 Meeting Schedule

15.        Action Points

ItemAction by
1Report back on meeting with Mairi Miller re Connolly’s barChristy Mearns
2Follow up re RamshornTam Coyle
3Raise Connolly’s bar issues with Mairi MillerTam Coyle & Christy Mearns
4Report noise issues to Council team and police All
5Follow up on Annie Millers’ pub licence withdrawalEva Bolander
6Update on progress of Waterfront developmentAll councillors
7Follow up re missing statue on John StChristy Mearns & Carla Arrighi