Meeting Minutes, 28 June 2022

28 June 2022 at 7pm in Glasgow City Chambers and online via Zoom

1. Welcome

Tam Coyle welcomed everyone to the meeting

2. Attendance and Apologies

2.1 Community Councillors

Carla Arrighi(for part of meeting); Gary Atkinson; Tam Coyle; David Cowan; Peter Hayman; Robin Jones; Niall McColl; Eileen Mills; Daniel O’Malley; Scott Thornton;

2.2 Residents


2.3 Elected Members

Cllr Eva Bolander; Cllr Phillip Braat; Depute Lord Provost Christy Mearns; Cllr Angus Millar

2.4 Ex-officio

Rob Wilson and Martin ? (Police Scotland); David Leslie (PAS)

2.5 Apologies

None received

3. Minutes of Last Meeting (31 May 2022)

3.1 Corrections to minutes 

No changes were requested

3.2 Approval

Proposed by: Scott Thornton

Seconded by: Daniel O’Malley

3.3 Matters Arising


4. Treasurer’s Report

  • No report as Carla had connection problems

5. Police Report

5.1 Report

  • Rob will get back to Tam re parking issue discussed at previous meeting
  • Drop in anti-social behaviour recently; St Enoch seems to have calmed down a bit. Could be due to travel disruption and/or better weather.
  • Organised crime issue on Argyle St, with children as young as five being left to play musical instruments, with the adults taking any money collected. Should be reported via 101.
  • Crime levels around Argyle St/Miller St junction – Eva has raised this with the police, but Rob isn’t aware of anything – Rob will follow up.

5.2 Questions

  • No specific questions raised.

6. Planning Aid Scotland – David Leslie

6.1 Presentation

6.2 Questions

  • Scott Thornton – believes only a small number of representatives are allowed to address the planning committee? Up to each council, but have to be transparent. Would normally recommend a group get together and appoint a spokesperson. 
    •  Eva – if normal planning meeting, no representations from objectors or the developer. Councillors can speak. Only if there’s a planning hearing do objectors get a chance to speak. Developers get the same length of time to speak. 
  • Peter Hayman – is the planning meeting private? No, open to the public.
  • Scott – what’s the difference between a planning meeting and a planning hearing? Up to planning committee to decide if they want to have a site visit and a hearing, or just a hearing, if it helps them reach a decision. 
  • Christy – is it appropriate for external pressure to be applied, if the community feels that the report doesn’t represent the views of the community. Not really answered
  • Eileen Mills – what was his opinion of a developer trying to discredit a group by quoting out of context, what can we do about that? There is nothing wrong with a CC group having a discussion with a developer, but be careful not to compromise the CC
  • Eileen – what can we do if a developer, in their Planning Statement, uploads an incorrect reference number for a previous proposal so that its not possible to confirm the reference? Recommend that Eileen speak to the Case Officer. 

7. Elected Members Reports

7.1 Cllr Eva Bolander

  • Antisocial behaviour – bandstand on the waterfront is becoming more of an issue again
  • Car “Enthusiasts” – Police have been using sonar radars to catch them, mostly around Pitt Street. Fines are being issued. However, only 2 units in the whole of Scotland
  • Ramshorn Graveyard -will reopen at 8am on Friday 2nd July. Summer hours are 8am – 8pm, will be reviewed for Winter.
  • Connolly’s hearing – residents were not represented. It is still being monitored by the police. Tam will meet with the bar owner on their return from holiday. In the correspondence, there seems to be some discrepancy between the bar owner and the building owner. Media commentary has largely been in support of noise levels, and quite a bit of sectarian comments. 
  • King St “Beach Park” – only became aware of it on 28 June. Will be open from 15th July to mid August. No planning or licensing applications have been submitted that Eva is aware of. It is taking place on private land (NCP) – MCTCC have not had any notification of this either. 

7.2 Cllr Phillip Braat

  •  Not heard anything about the beach party
  •  Wasn’t invited to the Connolly’s hearing
  •  Encouraged by improvements in anti-social behaviour, but need to keep eye on the ball over summer.
  •  Dealing with outside seating on Brunswick St which was causing pedestrian access problems, now resolved. 
  •  Grafitti removal in certain hotspots. 
  •  Still waiting on response to emails about Police dealing with loud vehicles on Ingram St and other areas in the Merchant City.
  •  Visit to recycling facility can now be arranged, subject to suitable dates and attendees.

7.3 Depute Lord Provost Christy Mearns

  • Also not invited to the Connolly’s hearing
  • Parking – looking at business case to employ more parking officers
  • Shuttle St parking – One small stretch not completed, due to a dispute between the restaurant and Scottish Enterprise over ownership of the site
  • Festival Village – 2 year licensing application granted, which does include amplified music. Specifies how loud that can be

7.4 Cllr Angus Miller

  • Spaces for People – planters have been replaced in the Merchant City. Will be finished by 4th July
  • Low Traffic Proposal (MCPHAEN) – best way to progress is through the City Centre Transformation Plan, which will be out for consultation at the end of July. 12 week consultation period
  • Area partnership funds – green and open spaces fund. £1million fund for ward 10. 1st meeting on 30/6 (Gary attending for MCTCC). Officers have jumped the gun on proposals, as no consultation carried out, and Angus expects the reports to be sent back for rework.

7.5 Questions

No time for questions due to time constraints

8. Planning (including Merchant City Park)

No update due to time constraints

9. Licensing

No update due to time constraints

10. Any Other Business

11.1 Filming (Scott)

  • Debutante – turning Cochrane St into 1870s New York Fifth Avenue. Got an email from the film company to say they’re making a donation to the community council for environmental improvements.
  • Second film includes action car sequences on Bell St, Tontine Lane and Walls St. THey’re also planning shooting on Bridgegate and Osborne St. Scott to clarify timings of the filming. Revised shooting schedule sent after the meeting that didn’t relate to what was discussed.
  • Gary raised issue of the disturbance on Montrose St, every time there’s filming. 

11.2 Friends of Ramshorn (Eva/Tam)

Meeting planned for mid-July. Eva to advise on date, time and location once agreed.

11.3 Lack of licensing notifications (Tam)

  • MCTCC haven’t had any for last four months. 
  • Eva and Angus don’t seem to be getting them either.

11.4 Clarity on planning application committee (Eileen)

  • Vice Convenor – Christy – Eileen acknowledged that Christy wouldn’t be taking part in the decision as she’d submitted an objection.
  • Eileen asked Eva about her position as an MCTCC Ward Councillor and Member of the PA Committee etc in her taking part in the decision making process. Eva confirmed that she intended to take part in the process.
  • Peter – What is the quorum for the planning committee – Peter thinks its 4, but Eva was unsure (EB to check). 
  • Peter – Do all planning committee members get invited to all meetings? Yes

11.5 Public littering by public houses (TD)

  • TD – Brewdog leaving pallets on Garth St. Follow up direct with Environmental Health, with photographs.

11.6 Wording of auto-replies (Scott)

  • Philip has made inquiries about changing the automatic message. 
  • Eva – Absence rates are not back to normal levels, but agree the message needs to be updated

Date of Next Meeting

Tuesday 26th July at 7pm