Meeting Minutes 26 July 2022

Tuesday 26th July 2022 at 7pm in Committee Room 1,
Glasgow City Chambers and online via Zoom

1. Welcome

Tam Coyle welcomed everyone to the meeting

2. Attendance and Apologies

2.1 Community Councillors

Chair: Tam Coyle; Niall McColl, David Cowan; Peter Hayman; Eileen Mills, Gary Atkinson and Scott Thornton

2.2 Residents


2.3 Elected Members

Kaukab Stewart MSP

2.4 Ex-officio

PC David Penman and PC Nicola Stewart

2.5 Apologies

Daniel O’Malley, Carla Arrighi, Robin Jones, AC, AL, Cllr Philip Braat, Depute Lord Provost Christy Mearns, Cllr Eva Bolander and Cllr Angus Millar

3. Minutes of Last Meeting (28 June 2022)

3.1 Corrections to minutes

No changes were requested

3.2 Approval

Proposed by: Eileen Mills
Seconded by: Tam Coyle

3.3 Matters Arising

  • MCTCC not notified about Clyde Beach planning permission GCC administration error meant we did not receive planning or licencing notifications for 4 months.
  • There was loud noise from the event between 12 noon and 8pm on several occasions.
  • Scott Thornton has emailed Christy asking for advice if 140 objections is enough to warrant MCTCC taking further ….  No reply as yet.
  • Scott has organised a tour of the recycling refuse plant at Polmadie on the 15th of September between 1pm-3pm. Cllr Braat was thanked for arranging the visit. Any residents wishing to join please email
  • Area Partnership – Gary Atkinson reported the last meeting was at end of June. Gary inquired about Green Space funding but hasn’t heard anything back.

4. Treasurer’s Report

There was no report as Carla Arrighi was on holiday. No money has been received from Warner Bros.; we contacted the Glasgow Film Office about this. We have invoiced £1000 to the Debutante film company.

5. Police Report

  • PC Nicola Stewart and PC David Penman have started doing regular patrols in our area. They are aware of the local issues such as drug taking in car parks.

5.1 Questions

  • Tam – there is a busker at the corner of Gordon St and Buchanan St who plays loud music in the early hours of the morning, on Friday, Saturdays and Sundays. Tam understands that buskers are supposed to stop playing by 10pm.

    The police have a ‘city centre plan’ that starts at midnight. They issue warnings to turn down the volume, however after they leave to deal with other matters, it is the volume returns to it previous level.  Sound equipment can be confiscated.
  • A resident who lives Millar Steet complained about a street performer on
    Argyle St. One at (what was) Debenhams and another at the entrance to St. Enochs.  He has been reported to the police 9 times in July alone.

    The police are aware and discourage it every time they pass however, as they can be difficult to police – they just move to a new site.  The noise limit is 64db.
  • Scott – disappointed at the response from police re bags being thrown onto roof of garage at Clyde Street. It is understood that Sgt Mohamad is not used to dealing with community issues.
  • TM raised the issue of cyclists, especially electric bikes traveling at speeds which are dangerous for nearby pedestrians.    The police are trying to take action and issue enforcement tickets.
  • Eileen – Stickers appearing on traffic lights. It is believed this is the responsibility of the City Council.

6. Presentation – Planning Application for Tic2 at Strathclyde University

The presentation was cancelled for this month’s meeting.

7. Elected Members Report

Kaukab Stewart MSP discussed the following: –

  • Her new Glasgow office is on Bell St, which she will share with Alison Thewliss MP.  She is hoping to host community engagement events there
  • She has been heavily involved in legislation work that are at the final Stage 3, for amendments before voting, at Holyrood. This includes the Pyrotechnic Bill which will have a positive impact.
  • Working on refugee and asylum seeker issues
  • She, and the four councillors, are aware of the issues relating to pedestrians feeling harassed by delivery cyclists.  Angus Millar is looking into the matter further.
  • Kaukab will send her latest newsletter to MCTCC
  • Met with Uber taxi company and asked them to look at their training

7.1 Questions

  • Tam – Raised the issue of pavement parking legislation would be return in parliament. Kaukab Stewart said the problem is enforceability however they are scrutinising exemptions at the moment. She has written to the minister expressing her disappointment
  • Scott – Short Term Let legislation – who has responsibility. The new legislation has been delayed due to it being a more complex issues to put into law due the exemptions such as those who are only letting out a spare bedroom.

    The Scottish Government says that local councils are to use their powers to intervene using the current HMO licences for example.  In popular areas there is over-saturation leading to buildings not having any permanent occupiers.
  • Gary Atkinson – Hoteliers are the best people to speak to, as they have been heavily impacted.  He, and Ros Atkinson have been working to help housing asylum seekers find accommodation through various channels including the Chamber of Commerce and hoteliers.  However, this has been at times a frustrating experience.

8. Planning (including Merchant City Park and Filming)

  • City Centre Transformation: there is an online consultation tomorrow about The Avenues project.
  • George Square Consultation for ‘drop in’ on Saturday 6th August 1pm to 4pm and Thursday 18th of August, 4pm to 7pm. Details on noticeboards in situ. Consultation closes 12/9
  • Email notifications of planning and licencing are now received by MCTCC
  • MCP: Eileen’s emailed the Planning Duty Officer about the Planning Portal and if all comments were noted.  She was informed that only comments submitted via the portal appear in the “Comments” tab. All other comments received are on the Documents tab. The Planning case officer has to read all the comments
  • Filming: Debutante film company converted Cochrane St into 1870’s New York. Scott has met them and has another meeting tomorrow.

9. Licensing

  • Only application received is continuation for Candleriggs Square to mid-October – this received no objections.
  • Legacy of the COVID regulations that allowed businesses to set up those sort of events

10. Any Other Business

  • Tam: has had reports of unhappy residents in Saltmarket Place due to the amount of alcohol and drug taking over the three days of the TRNSMT event. Tam will feed that back to the relevant people and authorities.
  • Tam is working with different local groups such as the Ramshorn graveyard. Now this is open to the public once more there may be an opportunity have some the gravestone lettering restored as they have all but faded away. This will be discussed the next meeting of the meeting in late September.
  • Tam made a formal request from the group to spend £4000 to get 10 of the gravestones restored by Liptons, using match funding from the NW Area Partnership. This will be put to vote at the August MCTCC meeting, if all the information is available at that time.
  • Invitations are available to community council members for a Civic Reception in Metropolitan at 4pm on Thursday to start the Merchant City Festival.  Cllr Bolander, as Chair, will introduce this.
  • David Cowan noted the loss of significant number of parking spaces in our area due to Spaces for People becoming permanent, regular weekend events closing roads and the new Avenues project. He will make enquiries if residential parking is suitable, or possible in both the Merchant City and Trongate.
  • Kaukab Stewart MSP will get information relating to training of Uber, and
    other similar companies, delivery cyclists for the next meeting below.
    Date of Next Meeting – Tuesday 30th August at 7pm