Meeting Minutes, 22 February 2022

Approved at our meeting on 29 March 2022.

1.   Welcome

Tam Coyle welcomed everyone to the meeting.

2.   Attendance and Apologies

2.1.  Community Councillors

Tam Coyle (Chair), Niall McColl (Vice Chair), David Cowan (Secretary), Peter Hayman, Eileen Mills, Gary Atkinson, and Scott Thornton.

2.2.  Residents


2.3.  Elected Representatives

Lord Provost Philip Braat (for part of the meeting), Deputy Lord Provost Christy Mearns, Cllr Eva Bolander, Cllr Angus Millar, Kaukab Stewart MSP

2.4.  Ex-officio

Constables Rob Wilson and Stephen Clark- Police Scotland; Clive Wilding, Conor Pitman, Teri Porter and Tim Blathwayt, Artisan Properties; Nicole Mitchell, Newsquest

2.5 Apologies

AC, AL, NR, Carla Arrighi

3.   Minutes of Last Meeting (25 January 2022)

3.1.  Update on Action Points

Continued to next meeting

3.2.  Corrections to minutes of last meeting

No changes were requested.

3.3.  Approval

Proposed by:  David Cowan

Seconded by: Tam Coyle

4.   Matters Arising

None raised

5.   Presentation – Ingram St Car Park

5.1.  Presentation from Artisan

  • Presentation available at
  • They now have legal control of the site and hope to submit a planning application in May for approval by Autumn 2022
  • 3 consultation workshops – one has taken place, one will be in March, with a final one before the planning application is submitted
  • Proposing housing for the site
  • Artisan also own the HMRC building on Cochrane St

5.2.  Questions

  • ST – What is the future for the mural?
    • The mural is owned by the City Council, so will remain in place
    • Edges of the mural will be lost where the building abuts on to them
    • It will be a public square, accessible to all
    • Ground floor space will be glazed north and south
  • EM What does legal control of the site mean
    • Artisan have contracted with City Property to purchase the site subject to planning permission
  • EM – Is the site address correct?
    • Intention was to use the numbering of the buildings that were there, but will double check
  • GA – Where will rubbish/waste be stored and entrances for goods in the retail units
    • They’re built into the stair cores
  • Deputy Lord Provost – Replacement trees
    • surveying at the moment
    • will be part of the planning application
    • Considering sustainable urban drainage in the courtyard and on the roof of the building
  • TD – Parking plans
    • There will be no parking provided by the development

6.   Police Report (Rob Wilson and Stephen Clark)

6.1.  Report

  • Several fixed penalty notices have been issued to vehicles driving the wrong way along Garth St
  • Ongoing monitoring is taking place re pavement parking on Candleriggs. Education in first instance, followed by enforcement
  • Substance abuse issues are resurfacing in both Albion St and Glassford St Car parks, including several reoffenders. Police increasing patrols
  • Several cyclists have been issued with fixed penalty notices for going through red lights, as well as educating them on the rules of the road.
  • Connelly’s bar – reiterate that issues MUST be raised via 101 or via the Police Scotland website and to Glasgow City Council, as due process must be followed
    • Ongoing engagement with the licence holder

6.2.  Questions

  • PH mentioned issues with modified e-bikes being much faster than their designed limit
  • PH – Any plans to introduce sonar detectors? 
    • Not aware of plans, but issues with noisy exhausts need to be reported via 101
  • DH – What is the Police attitude to Graffiti
    • Need to get their response
    • Councillor Millar: Constant battle to keep it clear
      • Council, Police and stakeholders discussing other approaches
    • PP expressed thanks to the Lord Provost for arranging for graffiti to be cleaned from the Herald building
  • GA – any update on the upcoming Rangers v Dortmund match?
    • Additional patrols before and on match day
  • ST – has anyone been charged re graffiti?
    • People have been charged with several offences

7.   Treasurer’s Report (Carla)

No report, as Treasurer had sent apologies.

8.   Elected Members Reports

8.1.  Cllr Angus Millar

  • Power washing of the MC streets has been requested, and added to the regular schedule
  • Missed bin collections now resolved
  • Review of key shopping streets ongoing
  • Council budget meeting
  • Parks and open spaces fund extended for a year  –  £50K for ward 10
  • Roads, pavements and street infrastructure – £1m per ward – Area Partnership to decide how its spent

8.2.  Deputy Lord Provost Christy Mearns

  • Ramshorn Cemetery
    • Budget agreed to reopen it
    • No date agreed yet
  • Candleriggs Parking
    • TRO was submitted in 2017 to amend the arrangements around Candleriggs, but not yet implemented.
      • When implemented, no through traffic will be permitted. Will only be allow construction traffic for the new development
  • Wants to meet with residents re open space funding for greening projects
  • Budget – Funding for pre-1919 tenements for repairs
  • Cars being parked on the grass between Albion and Shuttle Streets
  • Filming issues ongoing, including Missed letter drops. Seems that comms are not getting through
    • There needs to be a community benefit

8.3.  Cllr Eva Bolander

  • High St Station
    • High St Reference Group chaired by Cllr Millar, plan is still to revamp the station, although cost has gone up, so looking at different solutions.
  • Greening of High St
    • Not yet decided to use funding for parklets or planters
  • Friends of Ramshorn
    • Greenspace fund could be used to help with the Friends of Ramshorn group
  • Grafitti
    • Needs preventative work as well – getting youth engaged, e.g. similar approach to that taken re Kelvingrove Park
    • Denise Hamilton has overall responsibility for look and feel of the city centre
    • Will look at removing graffiti from private buildings as well
  • Refuse bins on Virginia Place
    • Still an ongoing issue
    • Planning application submitted for a bin store on Virginia Place
    • Not felt to be a good response
  • Area Partnership
    • Trying to make them less formal
    • Each ward in the city has been budgeted for £1million for infrastructure. 
    • Want communities to have more say on priorities for funding
    • Citizens Panels will be established in each area partnership on a trial basis
      • Intention is for them to be more diverse and representative of the city centre, as community councils are felt to be insufficiently diverse or gender balanced

8.4.  Lord Provost Philip Braat

No report, as the Lord Provost experienced connection issues.

8.5.  Questions

  • PP – Street art; could we have banners on street lights in the Merchant City in the same way as High St, or have some street art. TC will discuss separately
  • ST – Graffiti – how many staff are employed by GCC to clear graffiti. TC will take that up with Denise Hamilton
  • ST – Electric charging points. Factors telling developments that charging points can’t be installed without express permission of GCC. What’s the Council’s policy on this. EB – If it is in a public space, that is the responsibility of the council. If its within the curtilage of the building, there shouldn’t be any issue but Eva will check. TD advised that just requires a new meter and cabling.
  • NM – Citizens Panels, why is the council bringing in another body to represent the community, rather than investing in community councils. EB – complementary to community councils, extending democracy in a way that’s not been done up until now.
  • TD – re Film Office, lack of information about road closures. No notification had been received in his development in advance of Glassford St closures. TC – its an ongoing problem, which he will follow up. EB – keen to get a council alert service for residents to find out what’s going on.
  • PP – is the Ingram St development part of the council’s plan to increase the population of the city centre. EB – it’s a good example of what the council are trying to do, due to the mix of housing.
  • TC – is it the case that this is the 7th development in the MCTCC area with no social housing? EB- yes, as the council doesn’t currently have the power to force developers to include social housing, but this will be part of the new City Plan. CM – the council could have stipulated that the Ingram St site was to be used for social housing as they had owned the site, but an opportunity lost.
  • EM – any follow on about pedestrianisation of the north end of Candleriggs as per MCPHAEN plan? CM – proposal well received; following up with the relevant officers to try and speed things along.  EB – could be done as part of the wider plan to make the city centre people friendly, but need to consider access for residents, businesses and people with mobility needs
  • ST – any update on licencing for Airbnb. EB – no update from last meeting

9.   Planning (Peter Hayman)

No Planning report due to time constraints

10.   Licencing (Tam Coyle)

No Licencing report due to time constraints

11.   Merchant City Park (Eileen and Peter)

  • Timeline had been circulated showing the current status

12.   Local Issues (all)

No report due to time constraints

13.   Social Media (Niall McColl)

  • Since last meeting, we’ve published over 15 articles on our website and social media – especially in relation to graffiti, but also with the number of road restrictions due to filming.
  • Our exposure in the media has increased thanks to Scott’s sterling work as our spokesman
  • Anderston CC kindly provided information on their setup for hybrid meetings. These will be reviewed and adapted for MCTCC.

14.   AOCB

  • Leaflet drop – will take place on Friday 25th February
  • Nicole Mitchell is the new City Centre journalist for the Glasgow Times (
  • CM – What are the next steps for MCP in relation to any planning application for the Ingram St carpark? PH – that is the implication of the graphic that MCP circulated to supporters. Key aim to get as many objections as possible. MCTCC will not pre-judge any proposal.

14.1.  Hustings

Our April meeting is planned to be a hustings event for the Council elections taking place in May. More details next month

15.   Date of next meeting

Tuesday 29th March 2022 at 7pm

16.   Action Points

ItemAction by
1Report back on meeting with Mairi Miller re Connolly’s bar, and speak to her re coffee shop on CandleriggsChristy Mearns 
2Provide copy of Planning Enforcement CharterEva Bolander 
3Follow up on Candleriggs TRO re pedestrianisation south of Bell StChristy Mearns 
4Contact David Cowan re experiences with recent filmingAngus Millar 
5Follow up on recycling collections from 103 Hutcheson StPhillip Braat 
6Follow up on graffiti tagging on Albion StPhillip Braat 
7Arrange for “Open daily” notice at Ramshorn to be correctedEva Bolander 
8Confirm arrangements re use of City Chambers, including ventilation and streaming facilitiesPhillip Braat 
9Write to Anderston CC re hybrid meetingsNiall McCollCompleted. Report to March mid-monthly
10(Feb) Confirm how many staff directly involved in graffiti removal with Denise HamiltonTam Coyle 
11(Feb)Discuss possibility of having street art on lamppostsTam Coyle and PP