Meeting Minutes, 25 May 2021

These minutes were approved at our meeting on 29th June.

Online Conference through MS Teams Tuesday 25th****May, at 7pm


Community Councillors:

Dr Duncan MacLaren (Chair), Tam Coyle (V/C), David Cowan (Secretary), Peter Hayman, Niall McColl (Social Media Manager), Gerald Hirst (Treasurer) Eileen Mills




Sgt. Philip Showell (Police Scotland)

Elected Representatives:

Kaukab Stewart MSP, Provost Philip Braat, Councillor Eva Bolander and Councillor Angus Millar.

1. Welcome by the Chair

The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting and was pleased to see some new residents in attendance. He gave a special welcome to Sgt Philip Showell of Police Scotland and the newly elected MSP for Glasgow Kelvin, Kaukab Stewart MSP.

The Chair informed everyone that Chris Murphy is stepping down as a Community Councillor. He was thanked for his services to the community council and the area. That means we now have two vacancies for community councillors to make up our normal ten community councillors. The Chair asked those in attendance interested in becoming a community councillor to get in touch with him.

2. Apologies:

Received from: Daniel O’Malley and Depute Lord Provost Christy Mearns.

3. Minutes of the last meeting(27th April 2021)

March minutes were approved as a correct record of proceedings, proposed by Eileen Mills and seconded by Gerald Hirst.

Update on Action Points from the last meeting:-

  1. The Chair had received a reply from Tesco to say the hand sanitiser fluid provided at the entrance to their food stores have an alcohol content of 78%, which is above the minimum of 60% advised.
  2. Peter Hayman has a meeting with Eric Dunshire, the manager for Liveable Neighbourhoods.
  3. Tam is still to hear from Artist Peter McCaughey.
  4. A meeting is to be convened re. forming a Friends of Ramshorn Graveyard group.

4. Matters Arising not on the Agenda

The Chair had received a communication from Clean-up Glasgow regarding litter campaigns.

5. Report from the Treasurer

Gerald Hirst reported that the MCTCC bank balance for April is of £1,621.41. Expenditure this month was £96.39 for the website.

6. Police Report

Sgt. Philip Showell gave a report on the anti-social parking on pavements. This is not restricted to Candleriggs but happens across the city. It is irresponsible, causes inconvenience to pedestrians and damages paving stones and can leave an oil residue. Some business owners may misunderstand this is legal, for example to move stock into their shops, but it is not.

Sgt Showell encourages people to report such instances by phone or email (a photo is helpful for following-up these matters). A resident reported that cars were driving up Hutcheson Street the wrong way as the No Entry sign had been turned round.

There have been several reports of drugs misuse in the Parnie Street area which are being dealt with. A resident requested CCTV installation. Sgt. Philip Showell noted this; however it would seem this does not prevent as much crime taking place as people would believe. Reporting instances crime is a better deterrent.

Residents have installed lighting over the carpark at Carrick Quay and requested CCTV. Police officers have attended the area and given advice to the concierge. A resident enquired how the Fanzone on Glasgow Green would be policed.

There are two inquiries ongoing into the fire at the Old College Bar row of buildings and the takeover of George Square on 15th May.

7. MSP and Councillors’ Reports

Kaukab Stewart MSP

Kaukab Stewart was please this meeting as her first official attendance at an community meeting since being elected as a MSP. It is a daunting prospect to be Sandra White’s successor who also was keen on supporting MCTCC. She is already responding to constituents’ emails and following up enquiries made to her. Steven Ingram will be her constituency office and parliamentary assistant.

She has received reports about the aftermath of Saturday 15th May when Rangers FC supporters overran George Square and nearby streets. As a result of this, she was able to ask the First Minister a Supplementary Question regarding in the Scottish Parliament. She attended a meeting with the Police today, with other community councillors and the Area Commander, Mark Sutherland, about this matter. One matter raised was although the Police had imposed a ban on alcohol sales prior to the riots; many retailers either broke the law or were not aware of this. The subsequent Police Enquiry will be held as an ‘informal’ format.

It was discussed how the anti-social behaviour by football fans is fuelled by not only anti-Catholicism, but also racism and a political ideology which belongs to the far right.

Glasgow must recognise that this is not a matter of a ‘small minority of fans’ – 15,000 rampaging fans is an army. Both Rangers and Celtic football teams have tens of thousands of supporters who seem to regard George Square as a focal point to take over at the end of each football season. To attempt to abate this will require new social policies, as well as legal and educational innovations.

Councillor Eva Bolander

At the meeting today with the Police, Cllr Bolander recommended that they contact Steven Dowling’s office for community feedback of the disruption caused. It is believed the inquiry could be expanded as lessons will have to learned such as to how the police manage such events.

From the 23rd April to the 20th May, 12 parking tickets have been issued for parking on the pavement on Candleriggs. The GCC website hub now has the Spaces for People consultation listed. This includes a map to help give more accurate comments:-

She can now report, as the Chair of the Planning Committee, that The Ropework Lane planning application is going to a hearing, probably in mid-June with the developer. Those attending will each have five minutes to voice their cases. The Chair recommended that Carrick Quay residents consider if they are to make representation.

Merchant City Festival had a meeting recently. The perception of what the exact geographical area for the Merchant City area is larger than its boundaries. The Area Partnership will have a meeting this week.

Councillor Angus Millar

As far as the events of the 15th May are concerned, he extends his sympathy to those affected by such behaviour as has been reported across the news media.

In relation to Custom House Quay there is a GCC information page and also a community consultation taking place. These can be accessed at:

Councillors recently had a meeting with the District Regeneration Framework (DRF) which several MCTCC councillors have given their time and knowledge to engage with. Feedback from these workshops will soon be available.

Denise Hamilton covered the issues around planters at George Square at the last meeting. However, if anyone still has opinions on this, they can contact Cllr Millar. An email arrived today regarding the design process for the Clydeside walkway improvement. Designers will soon be appointed, with consultation at an early stage.

Lord Provost Philip Braat

He, and colleagues, will be attending the meetings on Thursday regarding George Square and another with the local policing team. He offered a meeting to the MCP members. He forwarded the consultation for Spaces for People to our Chair by email.

He is pleased to announce to our Community Council that Bailie Mearns was elected as Depute Provost on the 10th May. The MCTCC Chair had already sent a message of congratulations to Baillie Mearns.

Questions to Elected Members

ST commended Kaukab Stewart on her comprehensive first MCTCC regarding her actions to tackle anti-social behaviour. He agreed that this should not be allowed to tarnish Glasgow’s good reputation. He also thanked the councillors and Provost for keeping him, and the residents of Carrick Quay, up to date on developments on Clyde Street. The recycling at the building is emptied every three weeks, by which time they are overflowing.

KM confirmed he would like to attend the hearing for Pipeworks Gentleman’s Club, and asked to be notified of this. The Chair said that any information on this should be passed KM.

Peter Hayman enquired about the new development on the site of the old Annie Millars Bar, which is to be demolished beforehand. The only information he has is aware is of, is that circulated by Niall McColl. Cllr Bolander confirmed that it is listed in the GCC Planning Portal (see link below). Because the planning was accepted, therefore not decision was made on the demolition proposal, and will go to another hearing.

She will look into this matter and respond to Mr Hayman. The Chair noticed that the Portal has declined in functionality during lockdown and it is not possible to copy documents at this time.

8. Planning Applications

Peter Hayman informed everyone that there would be a new entrance into St. Enoch’s Shopping Centre, presumably for the new Vue cinema complex. There is also new signage for the Centre, possibly related.

Dhabba Indian Restaurant is to install outdoor new seating, under a marquee, for the whole length of the restaurant on lower Candleriggs. It was noted there is a lack of information on the marquee dimensions and whether it will be left up overnight.

A planning application arrived during the meeting for King Street carpark and involves 72 documents with a deadline for comments of 21st June. Details will be circulated.

9. Licensing Applications

There were no licencing applications of note this month.

10. Merchant City Park Update

Peter Hayman was pleased the Lord Provost had agreed to a meeting with himself and Eileen Mills to explore if there was any way forward in this matter. Eileen Mills extended an invitation to anyone who is interested in the project to get in touch via email: or through the website: –

11. MCTCC Social Media

Niall McColl reported that the MCTCC Survey 2021 will close on the 4th June.

There have been only 44 responses and the results will be presented at next month’s meeting. The Help section of the website has been updated to provide more guidance on how to use MS Teams. Social media and distribution lists have increased after two recent publicised events.

12. Addressing Local Issues

The Chair had a meeting with Cllrs Bolander and Millar and two officials about the opening of the Ramshorn Graveyard.

The Dilapidation process means that Strathclyde University will have to pay recompense to make sure the site and building are safe and accessible for the members of the public before it is transferred back to GCC and that is taking some time. It is optimistic to expect it to be open in the summertime, but Cllr Millar is pushing for this. After the re-opening, then a ‘Friends of’ group can be formed.

13. AOCB

  1. Peter Hayman discussed the one-way traffic routes around the Merchant City and how this might be improved. He has created diagrams to show more clearly how this would be the case and has forwarded them to Graham Ross, the DRF strategy contractor.

  2. Regarding the COSLA project to “twin” with similar communities in mainland Europe, MCTCC has declined the offer for the time being, but will reconsider getting involved in the future.

  3. We have been contacted by the Clean-up Glasgow group who organise groups of local people to pick-up litter in their areas and so improve the local environment for everyone. The details will be published on the website to see if this can be organised. There is more information available at: .

  4. An online meeting for community councils, in and around the City Centre, was held by Get Ready Glasgow for COP26 preparations and expectations. The Chair enquired about road closures and other disruptions such as demonstrations. These will be detailed in due course, though the officials did say that there would be significant disruption in November. Eileen Mills noted that the last diagram circulated by this group was not easily decipherable due to the colouring. .

  1. TD noted that Garth Street has had cooking oil (or similar) spilled on the pavement, so much so that it poses a risk to pedestrians. Cllr Millar will respond.

  2. TD asked if GCC has plans for charging points for electric cars in underground carparks. Cllr Bolander noted that GCC will not be involved in facilities in private properties but recalled that grants are available from the Energy Saving Trust.

The Chair thanked everyone for attending and closed the meeting:

**Date of next meeting:**Tuesday 29th June, 2021 at 7pm An MS Teams link will be circulated for registration.

Action Points

  1. Response from Ian Elder regarding putting Peter Hayman in touch with Planning/City Property (Peter Hayman)
  2. DRF artist, Peter McCaughey, to interview Tam Coyle (Tam Coyle)
  3. Lord Provost to arrange an MCTCC visit to recycling facilities in Glasgow once it is safe to do so (Duncan MacLaren)
  4. Inform MCTCC Chair when there is a date for the re-opening of the Ramshorn Graveyard (Cllr Angus Millar)
  5. Arrange a meeting to discuss forming the Friends of Ramshorn Graveyard group (Cllr Eva Bolander)
  6. Send news of the Hearing about the demolition of Annie Millar’s pub to Carrick Quay Residents’ Committee.
  7. Find out from the Dhabba Restaurant if the proposed marquee in Candleriggs is to be dismantled at night (Peter Hayman)
  8. Anyone interested in the Merchant City Park group should contact Eileen Mills (all)
  9. Niall to put news of CleanUpGlasgow on the MCTCC website (Niall McColl)
  10. Cllr Millar to pursue the presence of cooking oil in Garth Street and inform MCTCC (Cllr Angus Millar).
  11. Lord Provost to arrange a meeting to discuss MCP. Peter and Eileen have sent dates they are available.