Annual General Meeting, 29 October 2019




Tam Coyle (Chair), Duncan MacLaren (V/C), Gerald Hirst, Peter Hayman, Niall McColl, Eileen Mills and Chris Murphy.




Lee Handling (GCC IRI), Bethany Cheyne and Keili Koppel (Glasgow School of Art).


Cllr Angus Millar.


Provost Eva Bolander, Bailie Philip Braat, RJ,. MG, MM, LM, Bailie Christie-Mearns and Police Scotland.

MINUTES OF AGM HELD ON 30th October 2018

The 2018 AGM MCTCC Minutes will be voted upon at the November Meeting.


Hi everybody, thank you all for your attendance this evening and indeed your attendance at all 11 meetings over the last 12 months [our December get together is just a social gathering rather than a formal meeting of the MCTCC.

I would like to start by thanking the three members of the MCTCC that have decided to step down this evening: Derek Jack who moved out the Area earlier this year and Lynne McKenzie and Michelle Morrow who have stepped down due to pressure of work. I thank them all for their service to this Community over the last 12 months.

I also welcome our new Community Councillors Eileen Mills. Niall McColl and Chris Murphy. All are well kent faces round this table; indeed Chris is rejoining after spending a year as CC in 2018. We still have vacancies for two CC`s to get us back to our full complement of 10 so please consider joining us if you have time.

I would like to thank Sandra White MSP and all four of our Councillors [EB,PB,CMM,AM] for all their support over the last year.

Further our Community Police Officers Gregg and Mark and latterly Hannah and Grant for their regular attendance and answering all our questions.


We have had a few concerns over licenses and rowdy boorish behaviour over the last few months and we will continue to monitor these issues.


Our campaign to take over the Ingram St carpark and rename it Merchant City Park continues and we have set up a separate Company to work on our behalf. With other Planning Applications such as Candleriggs, Trongate/Hutcheson Street, George St/Shuttle St and Clyde St all at various stages of the planning process. We will keep a very close eye on all these proposals and any other developers that have plans for our area.

Finally, on a personal note, a special thank you to my fellow office bearers Duncan and Gerald for their friendship and guidance over the last twelve months. Indeed, Duncan has indicated that he would like to Chair the CC and, since I am a strong supporter of democracy, I am happy to step down and look forward to supporting him in his new role.”


Treasurer, Gerald Hirst reported. Full copies of MCTCC Accounts for the financial years 2018/19, dated 31st August, 2019, were passed to those attending for inspection. MCTCC bank balance was £1,462.51.

Although we have a healthy balance, we are intending to purchase a defibrillator and arrange for this to be accessible to the public within our area.

This year will be different in terms of cash flow because we now have two monthly payments for the Minute Secretary and a Webmaster who shall ensure our website is kept updated. So the expenditure this year will not be covered by the GCC Administrative Grant and we will have to call on our existing funds.

Proposed by Niall McColl
Seconded by AP.


The MCTCC annual accounts will now be passed over to an independent auditor.


As above, the details and fee of an independent Auditor will be agreed upon at the November meeting.


Duncan MacLaren, Tam Coyle, Gerald Hirst, Robin Jones, Peter Hayman, Eileen Mills, Niall McColl and Chris Murphy. David Cowan is an Associate Member. There are two vacancies.


Tam Coyle then declared all office-bearers’ positions as vacant and vacated the Chair in favour of Lee Handling (GCC) who asked for nominations for the Office of Chairman.

For the Office of Chair: Duncan MacLaren
Proposed by Tam Coyle
Seconded by Gerald Hirst

There being no further nominations, Duncan MacLaren was duly elected to the Office of Chair and resumed the Chair. He then asked for nominations for the Office of Vice- Chairman.

For the Office ofVice-Chair:Tam Coyle
Proposed by Duncan MacLaren
Seconded by Gerald Hirst
There being no further nominations Tam Coyle was duly elected to the Office of Vice- Chair.

For the Post of Minute Secretary:David Cowan
Proposed by Duncan MacLaren
Seconded by Eileen Mills
There being no further nominations, David Cowan was duly elected to the Office of Minute Secretary. Duncan then asked for nominations for the Office of Secretary.

For the Office ofSecretary:
This Office remains vacant and will be decided upon at the November meeting.

For the Office of Treasurer:Gerald Hirst
Proposed by Peter Hayman
Seconded by Eileen Mills
There being no further nominations, Gerald Hirst was duly elected to the Office of Treasurer.

The contact person for Planning Officer and Licencing Applications:
These are overseen by Tam Coyle, Duncan MacLaren, Peter Hayman and Eileen Mills.
This was left unchanged.

For theRepresentative to GCC Area Partnership; Duncan MacLaren and Gerald Hirst
Proposed by Tam Coyle
Seconded by Chris Murphy

There being no further nominations, Duncan MacLaren and Gerald Hirst were both duly elected as Representatives to the Area Partnership.

The Chair Lee Handling then declared the election closed and thanked the above members on their willingness to take on these duties. He is looking forward to working with them during the ensuing year.


7pm on Tuesday 27th October 2020

There being no further business the meeting closed at 7.25pm.

Actions Agreed

  1. The 2018 AGM minutes will be approved at the 27th November 2019 meeting of MCTCC.
  2. The appointment of an independent auditor will be agreed at the 27th November 2019 meeting of MCTCC and the accounts be passed over to the company/individual.
  3. The position of Secretary will be discussed and decided at the next mid-monthly meeting of the community councillors and put to the 27th November 2019 meeting.