Our Policy regarding Online Meetings

Zoom, Microsoft Teams (and other web conferencing services) provide an excellent opportunity for people to meet and meetings to continue, but it is important that people’s privacy and security are respected.

  • People must register for the conference, and provide a valid email address, in order to receive the link and ID for the meeting
  • Host access is controlled using 2 Factor Authentication.
  • Meetings require an ID and password if the attendee is not joining from the link in their registration confirmation.
  • The registration link is only sent to people on the MCTCC mailing list. The meeting is posted on Facebook and Twitter, but people have to send a message to request the link. The meeting is also posted on this website.
  • There is a waiting room for the conference, where people are held until the appropriate time. The host controls who gains access.
  • The video feed and chat are monitored throughout the meeting to ensure no inappropriate material is shared.
  • The host has the ability to mute, cut off video or eject someone from the meeting at any time.
  • Only one person can screen share at a time, and it cannot be taken over by anyone except the host.
  • File sharing is not permitted.
  • The conference is only recorded if those present agree. The audio is shared with the secretary to allow completion of the minutes, and the recording is destroyed once the minutes are approved.

Before the meeting

  1. In order to attend an MCTCC online meeting, you need to register. The registration link will be in the meeting invitation.
  2. When you register for a meeting, you must enter a valid email address , along with your name. Once your registration is approved, you will receive a confirmation email, containing a unique link, which allows you to join direct from your browser.
  3. The confirmation email lists dial in phone numbers if you wish to connect that way, There are also instructions to join from a smartphone or tablet – download the meeting app from your App Store first.

When it’s time for the meeting

  1. Use the link in your registration confirmation to join the online meeting via your browser, the meeting app or your mobile device, or dial in using the telephone number given.
  2. Try to join a few minutes beforehand, so that the meeting can start at the scheduled time.
  3. When you join the meeting, you are placed in a waiting room, and will be admitted by a host. This is to ensure that only registered participants can join.
  4. Once the meeting starts, your microphone will be muted and video off. You are able to change these settings yourself – see our Help page.

Meeting Etiquette

  • The host may ask permission to record the meeting, solely for the purpose of creating the minutes. They will only record the meeting if everyone present agrees. The recording is destroyed once the minutes are completed.
  • If someone is speaking, please let them finish.
  • If you are not speaking, please mute yourself.
  • Speak to everyone as you would like to be spoken to. Abusive or intolerant language will not be tolerated – the host will remove you from the meeting and block you from rejoining.
  • If your video is on, remember that everyone can see what you are doing, as if they were standing in front of you.
  • Use the raise hand control (see below) to attract the host’s attention.
  • Use the chat to send messages to the host.