Annual General Meeting, Tuesday 25 October 2022

These minutes will be reviewed at the AGM on Tuesday 24 October 2023

Members’ attendance:

In person – Tam Coyle (Chair), Niall McColl (Secretary), David Cowan, Peter Hayman, Robin Jones, Eileen Mills, Scott Thornton, Ros Wardley-Smith

By video – Carla Arrighi (Treasurer), Gary Atkinson, EM

Apologies:  Councillor Eva Bolander, GW

Minutes of 2021 AGM held on 26 October 2021

Approval proposed by Tam Coyle,  seconded by Niall McColl. Carried nem con.

Chairman’s report

Tam said MCTCC had experienced another interesting 12 months which started with Chair Duncan McLaren stepping down due to pressure of work and the sad death of long serving Treasurer Gerald Hirst. 

Due to the Covid pandemic MCTCC had held most of its meetings online but a few months ago moved back to in-person meetings in the City Chambers. 

He thanked members and office bearers for the work they had done to give up much of their time to serve their local communities. This had included sifting through licensing and planning applications on behalf of residents in the historic heart of Glasgow.

MCTCC continued to have a good relationship with police who gave us reports on crime in this area.

Campaigns had included a fight to create a community park on the site of the NCP car park on Ingram Street, currently home to 20 trees and situated in front of a world famous mural. This is the subject of a planning application, which MCTCC opposes, to build 109 flats. He thanked Peter Hayman and Eileen Mills for their outstanding work on this campaign which had included registration of a registered charity. The land had been sold but the campaign continued. 

The Community Council had also opposed plans for building student accommodation on a vacant plot in Jocelyn Square. Glasgow City Council and Police Scotland had also opposed this. A rooftop terrace would have overlooked local residents.  Refusal had been overturned by the Scottish Government and its future remained uncertain.

MCTCC had fought hard to re-open the Ramshorn graveyard, closed during the pandemic, and was grateful to the four ward councillors for their support. A Friends of the Ramshorn group had been set up with a first meeting scheduled for 22 November. So far 15 people had signed up including representatives of Historic Scotland and Glasgow Heritage Trust. 

One of our Community Councillors has raised various questions about what should be done to improve the condition of the graveyard. These would be followed up following the above meeting.

Tam thanked Niall McColl, who looks after MCTCC’s social media, for his work on creating a Website and an email address for residents, making it more visible on Facebook, and giving more information to local residents. Councillor Scott Thornton had done excellent work on promoting MCTCC’s various campaigns, notably on Merchant City Park. 

The Council was grateful to local MSP Kaukab Stewart and MP Alison Thewlis for their participation and support.

The Chair’s report was approved. 

Treasurer’s submission of independently examined statement of accounts

Carla reported she only had four bank statements. Those between November 2021 and March 2022 were missing due to the illness and death of her predecessor Gerald Hirst.

In March there was £1,924.95 in the bank; as of today’s meeting there is a total of £9,072, largely due to donations from film companies as compensation for inconvenience and disruption caused to residents. A £500 donation promised by another film company was pending.

The Council’s equipment would need to be valued by an accountant. 

Tam will liaise with Carla on this and independent review of the accounts by Clifford Most of Montrose Street before submission to Glasgow City Council. 

Demit of current office bearers

Daniel O’Malley has stepped down as a member of MCTCC as he is moving outwith the area.

In accordance with the regulations all office bearers stepped down.

Nominations for the election of office bearers

As a member not standing for any office bearer position, Niall McColl took the Chair.

Chair – Tam Coyle. Nominated by Niall McColl, seconded by Robin  Jones. There were no other nominations. 

Vice-Chairs (Joint) – Gary Atkinson and Scott Thornton. Nominated by Tam Coyle, seconded by David Cowan

Secretary/Minutes Secretary – Scott Thornton. Nominated by Tam Coyle, seconded by Peter Hayman.

Treasurer – Carla Arrighi. Nominated by Tam Coyle, seconded by Ros Wardley-Smith

Associate members – None

The accounts, verified by the independent examiner, would be submitted to Glasgow City Council within four weeks. 

Next AGM: Tuesday 24 October 2023