Community Council Meeting – Tuesday 27th October at 7pm

The meeting will be held via Zoom. Please send us a message to receive the registration link.


1. Welcome by Chair (Duncan MacLaren)
2. Apologies
3. Minutes of the last meeting, approval and action points
4. Matters arising not on the agenda
5. Report from the Treasurer (Gerald)
6. Report on those issues forwarded to the police (Tam)
7. Merchant City Park update (Peter and Eileen)
8. Councillors’ Reports
9. Planning Applications, River Report and Transport Survey (Peter)

10. Licensing Applications (Tam)
11. Glasgow City Food Plan (Niall)
12. Report on social media platforms and related matters (Niall)
13. Report on Begging Strategy (Duncan)

14. Addressing local issues – Ramshorn Graveyard (Duncan);); double parking and loose paving slabs in Candleriggs (Chris); Drug issues (Tam); youth gatherings outside GOMA and on Albion Street (Tam); Pedestrianising Candleriggs – the community councillors’ opinion;

15. AOCB
Next meeting: 24th November 2020 at 7pm.