Public Consultation – Extended use of Body Worn Video by Police Scotland (Closes 30 September 2021)

Information from Police Scotland:


As you may know, we recently asked for public views on armed police officers using body worn video cameras to record certain incidents. Almost 9,000 people took part in that survey and the majority thought the use of BWV would increase trust and confidence in the police and make them feel safer. This positive response means we intend to proceed with plans to equip our armed police officers with body worn video cameras this year.

Consideration of wider roll-out

We are also considering giving these cameras to more police officers and staff in other roles across Scotland. We strongly believe the introduction of body worn video cameras would provide additional transparency and accountability when police officers and staff are dealing with incidents and carrying out their duties.It is also a vital tool in increasing officer safety and helping to secure convictions against those who choose to carry out attacks on members of Police Scotland which, sadly, are rising.

Public Consultation

With this in mind, we have launched a national 12-week public consultation on providing body worn video cameras to more police officers and staff across Scotland. We recognise how important it is to engage with our communities and gain confidence in how we use technology and introduce such significant change to policing in Scotland.

Link to survey

With this in mind, could we ask that you take part in our survey. Your views are extremely valuable to us and will be used to inform and shape our guidance and training for police officers.